How to make your own diaper cake—a simple recipeHow to make your own diaper cake—a simple recipe

How to make your own diaper cake—a simple recipe

No baby shower is complete without a diaper cake! We have a super-simple recipe that anyone can follow.

A diaper cake is a popular feature at a baby shower and much easier to “bake” than many people think. It’s a fun gift to give, and it also contains small, practical gifts that will delight the parents.

Here’s a recipe for a super-simple diaper cake that anyone can make!

What you need:

One large pack of diapers in size 1 (pack of 96)
Rubber bands (small and large)
An empty paper towel roll
A round baking pan (optional)
Nice ribbons and decorations of your choice (stuffed animals, pacifiers, blankets)

How to make a diaper cake:

Roll up all the diapers into small balls and wrap a rubber band around each of them. If you like, you can also roll up baby clothes and add them to the base of the cake.

Use approximately 56 diaper rolls for the base layer. It can be a good idea to use the baking pan to create a nice round shape for the cake. Stand the empty paper towel roll in the middle of the tray and place 6 diaper balls around it. Hold the balls in place with a large elastic band.

Continue to add more diaper balls, tucking them inside the large rubber band, until the base layer is the desired size.

Then start adding the second layer in the same way on top of the base layer. You will need approximately 33 diapers for the second layer. Finish with a top layer of 7 diaper balls.

Then let your imagination run wild! Hide the rubber bands with ribbon and decorate with cute plush toys, pacifiers, baby clothes, fabric flowers or whatever you like.

Voilà! You have now made a lovely, super-easy diaper cake that your expectant friend will really appreciate.

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